My quest for Fame and the disintergration of ethics in Social Media


I wouldn’t usually use the word “Whore’ to describe myself, (let alone anyone else unless I was EXCEPTIONALLY pissed off), but there is no denying that for the last 3 days I am been whoring myself on all forms of social media for one reason only.

*Gasp* I have entered a reality tv show type competition.

AND oh MAN do I want it.

Twitter (which I haven’t ever fully appreciated and use mostly for posting stuff about the volunteer TV interviews I do)

Facebook (which I over-use for sharing photos and funny stuff with friends and family overseas)

and Instagram (which is mainly just pictures of snow, cut off “artsy” pictures of my face and the Canuck boyfriends dogs)

I am HATING myself all over Facebook and twitter because I am being so annoying and inundating friends and family with ME ME ME-ness.

VOTE FOR ME! I tell them, and I start thinking it is totally normal to start harassing people I haven’t spoken to in a year (umm…hi….i know we haven’t spoken in a while… and we probably don’t have anything in common any more… but would you be a dear and click this link and rate me even though this is a thing you don’t even care about….)

I have turned into one of those spamming douches that people right-click, hide, on their news feeds.

What have I become?

The truth of the matter is that I cringe to ask people to do this. Not because I am afraid of failure (oh no, I’ve taken quite a few knock-backs in my life and I am FINALLY FINALLY learning to dust myself off and pick myself back up) but because social media has etiquette, and begging for votes or views goes against that etiquette. I am like the prim old lady of Social Media.

But it’s not just me and my well-to-do online profile. There are many articles and sources to look for the way one minds their online manners, and you better not fuck too hard with them because a rain of hate will fall down on you. Delete, dust hands of person. Perhaps in real life you will begin to think less of them.

There have been people who I have been close to deleting because of their online spamming. And now I have morphed into one of those people!

BUT whats a girl to do?

I have been fighting for my bit of the TV/FILM pie for a while now and the one thing I do know is that you have to be in it to win it. You have to say “Hi, I’m here and I’m keen”.

There is a high likelihood that I will not make it into the top forty of this comepetition (No! What am I saying – positive thinking/vibes/ooooooohhhhhmmmmmmm – (thats me meditating to the spirit world of reality tv competitions)) but the fact that I made a video, put myself out there and went for it…well who knows who will see it and think, “that girl is cool.”

There is a saying I heard here in Canada which I love and I think about it all the time.

the saying goes:

“You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.”

So here it is, my first shot at goal for Much Music…. but who knows?!! At least I’m up for the game.



Ah the follies of youth

I have previously mentioned in posts that my fourth and final wisdom tooth was growing into my face, and that its removal was imminent.
Well, Friday marked the day of that tooth’s demise, and now here I am back at work with a hole in my gum.
I won’t bore any one with the specific details, but it kind of hurt and then it kind of ached over the weekend, but I was a big girl, who didn’t complain much and basically got on with my weekend. Now that that useless body part has been removed, we can all move on with our lives until the Spleen goes.

So this morning I walked to work from the Boyfs house, through the center of the down town area, contemplating the beautiful day that threatened to break over the gray glass buildings any minute. It was a whimsical walk as it often is, seeing business types scurrying to their various beehive type offices, the policemen strolling about, the homeless guys living on top of subway grates, the lines of pre-teens lined up around the block…

Wait a second..whats going on here?

After further investigation during my daily quest for lunch that doesn’t taste like charred sauce and isn’t a hamburger, I learned that the lines around the block and the waves of hormone-filled young women, were all for the boy band ‘One Direction’ who are apparently coming to Toronto and must be doing something at the Much Music offices which are located around the corner from the office.

I’ve heard of ‘One Direction’, but I am not that familiar with who they are, so I turned to google.

One Direction - Outdoor edgy shot


One Direction - Your Mother would love me shot


One Direction - We're kind of soft and sensitive shot


30 seconds of googling reveals that they are in fact a boy band of pretty eyed, nicely haired young men (I say men, but I mean…children) who have something to do with Simon Cowell and the X factor. Honestly I wish I could give you more details than that but I actually don’t care enough to read more. All I need to know about these guys is that from the office, every now and then, I hear a HUGE shrieking/chanting noise from the Horde that carry sparkly signs and t-shirts with these lads splashed against underdeveloped titty’s.

And as I roamed my familiar lunch/work district, I couldn’t help but scoff at the girls and the conversations I overheard. Girls crying because they love this band so much and they just want to meet them. Security guards holding people back, trying to make sense of the insanity and shrieking, girls excitedly nattering into mobile phones “you’re at the front?! OMG!!!”

Yes, oh my god indeed.

But then I felt bitter and sarcastic, and I recalled my own teenage heart-throb obsessions:


Uh. Look at these guys










I waited for them in line at a Mall when I was a pre-teen, and I had their CD which I made my family listen too any time we drove anywhere. I talked about them a lot, and I can’t be sure that I cried over them, but knowing how melodramatic I was, I probably did.

Then I also loved:

The Backstreet Boys


S Club 7

So there you go. I actually see a lot of similarity between Blue and One Direction. Both English bands, both have pretty boys. Thais about it for similarities. One Direction seems to be made up of Caucasian 16-year-old guys, while Blue tried to mix up their singer colour palate’s (although the dark-haired guy could be some kind of minority) and the guys from Blue look like they are super old, and I think those pictures are from when I liked them. Creepy.

As for the Backstreet boys, I wasn’t alone in loving them, they were huge! Look at those guys, they are economizing 90’s-ness right there. Look at the hair on Nick Carter (that’s the only one whose name I can remember) and the little sunglasses on the guy on the right. Wow. I wonder what they are all doing now. Hmm. If only I could be bothered to google them.

S Club 7 wasn’t just a pop band I loved, I also watched their TV show religiously. Thinking about it now, 7 is A LOT of people to have in a band. And why the imbalance? Why 4 girls and 3 guys? I always felt like someone was missing out on a partner.But whatever, those kooky kids always seemed to get in trouble and then get out of it by throwing a concert. OH YOU GUYS!

So anyway, I can’t judge those screaming girls out there (okay I can and I still am) because maybe I/we’ve all been there before, and it’s just a part of life. I would still TRIP BALLS if I saw some of the bands I love now, I might even wait in line for hours to get tickets to their show..But I don’t know that I’d wait in line overnight, or scream my ass off any time a car I THOUGHT was carrying the stars went past, I probably wouldn’t wear a glittery headband or a t-shirt with their face splashed across my boobs, or weep because I just love the band/singer/person so much.

And maybe that is more the pity for me and a sign that I am getting too old, and too cynical.