Seeing the City

As my one year anniversary with Canada creeps closer (12th June), I find myself reflecting more and more on what I have done, the new experiences I have had, and MOST importantly, the people I have met.

When I think about Sydney or Hong Kong, the things I miss most are the people and the minute victories and adventures we went on together. The picnics at Glebe Park, the tiny enclosed water gardens.




I miss the moments together (and there are plenty, my walls in Toronto are plastered with the photographs, little reminders of many of the adventures).

But every day in Toronto is like waking up and living an adventure. Sure, I get more and more used to it every day, but it always hits me at some point in the 24 hour stretch, Oh My God, I’m actually living here!

I am the first person in my family to come to North America, and for them it is as much of a journey. While I may be getting slightly dulled and used to the idea of being in Canada, I think it is still a big surprise and joy for my wide spread family to see me living it up in a place so far from where I was born and grew up.

I love to take photo’s of the weird experiences (uniquely North American) and post them to my blog or Facebook, and for my family to remind me just how lucky I am, and just how special these experiences are.




I’m going to be experiencing something new this Thursday, when I head to Miami to celebrate Cinco de Mayo with my Cuban/American friend who lives there. Having only been to Boston for the weekend, and Buffalo for the day, I can’t wait to see this different part of the world.

The Challenge of wanting vs doing

I haven’t blogged in almost 2 weeks and that makes me feel bad.

Blogging is always on my to do list, even when my brain feels like the melted easter eggs I found in the bottom of my desk drawer (and yes I still ate them).

I have a personality with a “type” clearly labelled. Over-achiever, controlling, etc etc. It’s all very interesting, (as you can tell by the way I’m casually skimming over the issue), but to live the personality day in day out – well…it’s rather exhausting.

Take for example the lack of blogging.

(Conversation with myself)

I didn’t blog today, or yesterday, or the day before. It’s cool. I recently took on the challenge of writing an article for a local paper.
Is it cool? Blogging was the one thing I was doing consistently.
Yes Paris, it’s fine. Relax.
Okay… but I should have blogged about something… like my first experience with Passover, or that car accident we witnessed coming back from Buffalo… or more lists of things I haven’t achieved (that was a popular one), or destinations I would like to travel too, or the failed planned Miami trip or-
I didn’t blog. Get over it. Or blog. Yoda says do or do not there is no try.

I’m kind of mean to myself. Harsh. Blunt. Actually that’s pretty much how I am with most people, except that I temper the things I say to other people.
And they don’t live in my head 24/7.

But it’s frustrating when your biggest distraction is yourself.
No, I didn’t have to spend 3 hours on Reddit reading every single funny post.
Nor stalk the wedding photos of a girl I went to High School with.
I didn’t have to watch the 2 new episodes of Modern Family.

I could have used that time to do something worthwhile, like go online and pay my bills. Or enroll in that course I’ve been meaning to enroll in. I could have done another draft review of the article due on the 19th, or connected with a family member. I could have gone to the gym, or done my laundry.

All the things I could have done… that I didn’t.

And it’s not like I don’t want to do them!

I want to build a blog with a strong following so I have some kind of writing to show for myself.
I want to pay my bills so it’s off my mind, and enroll in that course for the same reason.
I REALLY want to finish that article so I can send it off and feel great and not stress about it last minute.
And I really want to go to the gym so I have a banging hot body for Camp this summer (where I will spend every day in a bikini and shorts)
And I really really NEED to do laundry because I’ve been having to wear my sexy underwear on days I just want to wear comfies.


But like all good members of my personality type, I go through fazes of mass productivity, and uber-incredible-indescribable slothness.

The challenge of wanting vs doing.

Blog: check.

p.s Sorry the picture at the top has literally NOTHING to do with this post. I was trying to find a superman sloth but…well google images just wasn’t playing ball.