Give me a Hand


I stare at the back of my hands a lot because I mostly work at a computer and when I’m not staring at the glowing screen, I am staring at the body-tools that do almost everything, every day of my life.

Do you appreciate how much your hands can do for you? (Mind’s out of the gutter please)

In the summer of 2012 I met a guy with no arms who did everything with his feet. That was pretty incredible. And while he can play the drums with his feet and I can’t, I think I’ll stick to my hands thanks. Although his stomach muscles were AMAZING and my abs look like raw cookie dough.

And I’m so glad I have two hands because lots of times the tasks we need to perform require the pair, but there is a huge difference between your right and left hand, and as I started to think about this, I started to get all philosophical and junk (you know how I do).

Recently I’ve started wearing two rings, one on each hand. On my right hand is the ring my Grandmother gave me for my 21st birthday that is a Family heirloom (supposedly) and on my left, most recently, I’ve started wearing a ring my Roommate gave me that is funky and in the shape of a wish bone. With rings, for me it was a case of “where does the ring fit?!”

And then I started to get deeper into the functions of the left and right hands (hello bored-on-public-transport-mind-rambles).

I am right handed, so I do all my hand-written stuff with my right hand. What is it that I hand write these days? Not much! Signatures on things, work-related things that need to be filled out and sent back. I use my right hand for handshakes (as is custom), and most tasks, like using a computer mouse, brushing my teeth/hair. The right hand is for business and leads the way. And if you are right handed what does your left hand do?

Well, your left hand has the traditional western wedding-ring finger. For women, the second finger from the left is adorned with a ring when the woman becomes engaged, and Men and Women typically where rings on that same finger to signify that they are married.

Does this mean that my right hand is for business and my left hand is for family/love?

Hands are often symbolic of friendship, but after a brief google search and a quick skim, I also found this:

Left Hand Right Hand
Passive Assertive
Justice Mercy
Lunar Solar
Emotion Logic
Receiving Giving
Unconscious Conscious

Which is kind of interesting and totally backs up what I was saying.

Yay Science/Internet browsing!

If we didn’t have hands we couldn’t:
-Open Jars of Nutella
-Clean ourselves after eating an entire jar of Nutella
-Give people the middle finger when they judge us for eating all the Nutella before we get to the checkout
-Smack bitches who comment on how much Nutella we’ve been eating and how fat we are now
(This post sponsored by Nutella, just kidding but hey Nutella call me….)

All in all, I’m glad for hands, and I’ll definitely be more thankful for them on a daily basis. Especially since my feet are gross and I don’t want to have to learn how to play the drums with them. Like I can’t play the drums anyway…but yeah!

End ramble.