Winterizing my Life

Bu0zNLiving through a Canadian winter changes everything you thought you knew about winter.

Trust me.

It’s fucked.

Not only have you never been so cold in your life, but you’ve also never felt like such a pussy about never having been so cold in your life. The first time the temperature dropped into the minus digits, I literally put on every piece of long covering clothing I possessed. I was more layered up than seven fruit roll ups and I was STILL shivering.

What did my Canadian boyfriend wear that day?

A t-shirt, jeans and a light jacket.

It was -5 degrees and I thought I was going to die. My skin ached in the exposed bits, and I was so cold I felt like my bone marrow was freezing. And then it went down to -15.

Now, people from further North, or Montreal, will tell you that -15 aint nothing to write home about. It’s when it gets to -30 that you got to start worrying.

MINUS….30 Degrees…CELSIUS…

Doesn’t the thermometer stop working at -20!? How is -30 a thing? How can we go negative times 30 of the freezing temperature of things??!

CANada Can.

I’ll never forget having a chat to the Mother of a friend of mine. Lovely Mrs Deck from Red Deer, Alberta, an all Canadian little place that looks a little something like this:


Mrs Deck is an avid running enthusiast, and when I began asking her if she continued to run outside during the winter she replied, “Oh yes. You have to wear a balaclava and gloves, but it certainly is nice to get oot and aboot.”

Okay fine she didn’t really say oot and aboot, she said it was nice to get OUTSIDE. But the point is the same. They’re nuts. The whole country.

And you start to become more nuts the more winter days you live through.

For example, last week when it was 1 degree, I asked myself, “do I really need a scarf?”

You start to think it’s normal to walk past huge piles of white (or dirty brown depending on how many days its been there) snow and not scream with delight and jump in it.

You think it’s normal to bring an extra pair of shoes with you to work (you know, snow shoes for the outside and nice clean dry shoes for the inside.)

It takes you 5 minutes to get up from a meal before you exit the establishment (because you have to put on hats, gloves, scarf, winter jacket…)

You minimize any and all walking outside unless it is strictly necessary and all activities move indoors.

When it’s above zero, you start referring to the weather as “warm”.

I’m not going to lie, I love the snow (always have always will) and after building two snowmen over the weekend, going sledding in a park, and having my very first snowball fight, I can safely say there are some perks to living in the “great white north”…

But I will never accept that -30 is a temperature in which humans are supposed to live.

Except Eskimo’s…

Those guys are CRAY

An extra day, A special day

ImageThe 29th of February should be a public holiday. Although it feels like any other day, there is also something about it that makes me think of it as a gift. An extra 24hour period to live in this beautiful world. Funny coincidence on a day like today that I was too sick to go into work. 

It is the first sick day I have had to take since working for Camp Timberlane when I started in June. So on this extra day of the year, I made brownies, stayed in my pajama’s, slept, read Game of Thrones: A storm of Swords, wrote 200 words of a one woman show, skyped with mum and watched the snow fall through my bedroom window. There is nothing like a day at home doing nothing. All my roomies are oot and aboot at their various jobs and lives and the place is quiet and serene, as is the white dusted world outside.

Sometimes I hate to be idle, I am happiest when it is go go go, and the idea of sitting with myself is boring. But today was different, I turned inward and concentrated on health, rather then looking outward for stimulation.

It’s also the end of the month, which makes me whimsical and think about what I have achieved. March starts tomorrow and that Idea is insane, because March means we’re well underway for this year, and it feels like we just had Christmas. I always like to take the start of each month to think about what needs to be achieved and where to go from here on in.

For me, March is exciting. I’m going to Boston in just over a week, for a weekend away with my Miami girlfriend Amanda. In March, I am going to see a hockey game and be in a corporate box with my acting friend Jenny. I’m going to see the Black Keys and Arctic Monkeys with boyf and two of his friends. I’m going to London Ontario for a weekend of debauchery and St Paddy’s day madness. 

And as March progresses, it is meant to get warmer. This has been the mildest winter in years according to my friends, so, I don’t know how I would have survived if it had been as thick and furious as it has been in the past. Because I am over the cold, I’m over sweating in my jacket in the subway, I’m over my face skin drying out and coming off in flakes. I love the snow, but there hasn’t been enough to make a snowman! Maybe next year.

In conclusion, yay for the 29th of February, and yay for March, and life in general!