About Me

Hi, I’m Paris, and I’d like to think that I’m funnier than you.

Being all serious and shit.

Awkward Obligatory Intro

Thanks for being curious enough about the girl behind this blog to click that link.


I’m a twenty something living in Toronto, Canada. Australian by passport, current Canadian Permanent Resident, Former Hong Kong Permanent Resident, I’ve lived in a number of different countries and I consider myself a bit of a global nomad, definitely a third culture kid. The name of this blog relates to, Austra (as in Australian), Alien as in never truly fitting anywhere.

I Write, I Produce, I Direct, I do on-air stuff, I can sing I can dance, after all this is France, and the dinner here is never second best… oh sorry. Brief Beauty and the Beast Dance break.

In my interesting life I have been a Film Publicist, an event Manager at top film festivals and award shows, Sundance, Cannes, Toronto Film Festival, The Oscars, The BAFTA’s, a Social Media Coordinator for a Reality TV Show, A local Reporter, Assistant Stage Manager to a brand new Musical about the Hong Kong Handover…to say there are many strings to my employment bow would be an understatement.

Being boring is not an option.


5 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hello, Paris,

    When Obama was a Jr. Senator in Chicago my friend was at a restaurant/bar he was whoring at for votes for the presidency. My friend was talking with him while he was rubbing her back. She said she kept saying to herself, “You can stick your tongue in my ear anytime now.” I doubt she feels that way anymore.

    Thanks for visiting dentaleggs and following.


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