Before I was cool

Before I was cool … (that’s now by the way – this is as cool as I’m going to get, unless I accept Skrillex as a thing, or shave small portions of my hair into weird designs, or stop going to bed promptly at eleven) I used to have a kind of a blog thing called a Xanga.

All my Hong Kong high school friends had one, and it was basically a blog. We all used to post stuff and comment on each others things. I checked my friends Xanga’s pretty much every day after school (oh how I would have loved twitter as a seventeen year old obsessive type).

Anyway today, because I am stressed about looking for a job, I decided to go back in time and see what stressed me out back then. I will tell you what stressed me out most… realizing that 2006 was six years ago. Obviously I could have done the maths, but seriously??!!? I finished high school SIX years ago?! That means the kids in year 6 when I was graduating, who I wouldn’t have looked at except to be like “MOVE SMALL FRY!” (That’s totally how I talked back then) are all going to be in the bars this year or by the end of the year (well they will everywhere but Canada and the US of A where the drinking age is not 18).

So…potentially, that guy at the bar that is asking me where I’m from…he could have been starting high school while I was starting University. Not cool. Foetal position NOW! But yeah sure i’ll take that free drink. THANK YOU INFANT!

So anyway, I went ahead and looked at some posts (I went through a faze of making them all private, so I undid that), so if you care to see what a (more) hormonally charged, 17/18 year old version of my blog was like, feel free to click below:

and enjoy your supper or brekkie depending on which side of the globe you are on.


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