Oh Canada

I am travelling to Toronto on the 12th of June.

It is a city I have never been too, and so, as a member of Gen Y and someone who basically cannot live without the internet, I headed online to do some researching.

Having grown up in places where there is a HUGE tourism industry (Hong Kong, Australia, Malaysia, Singapore) I (stupidly) assumed that tourist attractions were obvious.

So this is what I typed into google:

‘Tourist Attractions in Toronto’

and this is the list I got:

-Historic For York
-Dundas Square
-Musee des beaux-arts de l’Ontario
-Hockey Hall of Fame
-Elgin and Winter Garden Theatre Centre
-Roger’s Centre Tour Experience
-The Bata Shoe Museum

Now… I don’t want to be mean to the Canadians… and I’m sure that the blame for the first 7 suggestions of tourist attractions in Toronto has more to do with google’s word search than the tourism board….

but really?

A Hockey hall of fame and a shoe museum?

Sigh. They make it too easy.

No wonder South Park rips into them.

Now it occurs to me, that as I know people in Toronto, I can probably just ask them what is fun to do and I don’t need to rely on stupid google.

I will be in the city for ten days before I head up to the Summer Camp which is the reason for drawing me there. I’m sure there are fun bars and clubs to go hang out in, and i’m sure I will have a great time.

But really? REALLY? A shoe museum.

Oh Canada. You worry me.

Shoes at the Shoe Museum (Courtesy of Bata Shoe Museum)

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